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We push our #squad (we don’t do “clients”) to think boldly and outside of the proverbial box. Ultimately, we want you to challenge convention and work with us to create innovative marketing experiences.

From integrated media buys, to devising brand strategy, to large-scale event production, we've done it all. While advertising, multicultural marketing, brand engagement efforts, experiential marketing, and event production may seem separate from one another, all are necessary and interdependent components of your overall marketing efforts. Explore how each component works together.

How Often We Push Our #Squad
# of Days / Week Where We Think Boldly

Angelica & Zuleyka have built a team that shares a common goal, a team that is highly focused and passionate. A team whose combined mission is to deliver the best product and service. Together they are a force to be reckoned with.

- Latin Life

Media Planning & Buying

We’re adept at both broadcast and digital advertising, with a wealth of experience producing, strategizing, negotiating, purchasing, and managing cost-effective media campaigns, which are compelling, measurable, meaningful and impactful.

Services_Media Planning and Buying
A large group of cheerful diverse young adults looking up and smiling at the camera. The group includes male and female African American, Hispanic and Caucasian ethnicities.

Multicultural Marketing

We understand, more than most, that multicultural marketing is Total Market advertising. We also understand that creating culturally relevant campaigns is the best way to reach ethnically diverse markets.

We have helped brands gain customer loyalty and market share, among specific segments of the total market, specializing in connecting you with people because we are the people.

Brand Experience

Gone are the days when brochures and tabling at events would help keep you top of mind with your target audience. So how do you ensure that your message is getting across to your audience? It’s all about the experience.

Each of our campaigns are built to optimize ROI for all of our clients. Our talented and vibrant team is at the forefront of all things Experiential Marketing, Brand Engagement, and Event Production.

We are proud to offer fresh, modern, and creative approaches to: Lead Generation, Consumer Engagement, Live Events, Live Sampling, Special Events, Grand Openings, Hackathons, Festivals, and Trade Shows. We also work hand-in-hand with you to craft innovative solutions to: Brand Strategy, Partnerships and Sponsorships, Event Programing, Product Launches, Program Launches, and Social Media Management.

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Digital Media

Marketing, now more than ever, revolves around deftly starting (and continuing) the conversation with your audience – and in the channels they want to be engaged in.

So, beyond being experts in buying media across search, display, email, social and mobile channels, we also develop online creative, landing pages, websites and custom applications with our homegrown platform.


Underlying all of our efforts is our commitment to pushing the creative envelope, and pushing our #squad to build on creative ideas. Our approach to creative work is to make our clients feel that we’re right down the hall from them, acting as their own in-house creative department.

Regardless of the budget, our dedication to strategic, smart, and effective creative is unwavering. Whether it’s print, television, collateral, online, radio, outdoor or websites – it’s all on our creative resume.

Right and left hemispheres, creative and analytical thinking concept with businessman looking at chalkboard with sketch